Neutron Media is a Full Service Marketing Firm that operates an Advertising based network of Outdoor Multimedia L.E.D. Display Screens. Neutron Media leverages strategic partner relationships with organizers of high profiled events to offer advertisers branding opportunities via permanent or event driven installations.  Outdoor Digital Signage solutions empower the Advertiser with the ability to enrich the customer experience, build brand awareness and loyalty, and drive bottom-line results.

Advertisers benefit from the ability to place their Ads on in High Traffic Venues, influencing and targeting millions of consumers where and when they make their purchase decisions, and brand choices. Neutron Media's Digital Signage displays are a creative, cost-effective solution for advertisers in need of communicating their brand in an entertaining and informative viewing experience.


Senior leadership 

Ray shapira, Vp of Event and Screen Marketing

 Ray Shapira has a well-established entrepreneurial business career spanning over 30 years. During this time, he has acquired an abundance of sales and marketing knowledge and applied it to a variety of business opportunities. Ray's experience and background is the perfect combination for Neutron Media's corporate direction. He has led the development of multi-million dollar sales initiatives and is considered a leader in the mobile and out-of-home advertising market. Mr. Shapira's knowledge and business contacts exemplify his tenure in the advertising industry and ultimately is a key factor in Neutron’s growth and success.

       Ray is responsible for implementing the marketing strategy for L.E.D. advertising in Times Square, New York with several venues in succession: the ABC Super Screen; the CBS Spectacular on 42nd Street; and our current feature HD Screen at 1500 Broadway & West 43rd Street, right in the heart of the Bowtie. He also hit the Vegas Strip with the "Super Screens" at CVS Pharmacy’s flagship location. He instigated various special events for the PGA, the Ford International Jazz Festival and the McDonald's® Air & Sea® Show, to name but a few. Over the years, Ray has worked with many prestigious organizations including NASA, the Pentagon, The Commonwealth Games Committee and the FIFA World Cup. Ray leads a consolidated advertising and marketing team tasked with cross-selling Neutron’s services across North America.

michael cain, Senior Director of Operations

      Michael was born in Toronto and has lived in and around the city his entire life. His background is a mix of education and experience. After completing computer and business management studies at Honeywell, he went on to four more years of study in business administration at Durham College. Throughout his life, Michael's focus has always been as an entrepreneur. He brings vision, drive and the skill to cultivate strong business relationships to Neutron. Mr. Cain's greatest asset is his ability to develop above-average working environments and his uncanny proficiency in motivating those around him.

       Since May of 2002, Michael has performed the duties of various corporate entities for our sales and marketing division. Outside of the actual sales team management, which is directed by Ray Shapira, Michael oversees the day to day operations which keeps him on his toes as a vital part of the Neutron family.